Shakti Weighted Blanket

7.5kg of pure organic cotton 

Color: Sandstone
Himalayan Birch

Deep sleep. Restorative rest. The Shakti Weighted Blanket brings a generous dose of calming pressure and responsibly-made luxury to your living room, couch, and bedtime routine.

Its breathable knit, overall weight, and luxurious drape offer calming pressure that encourages deeper rest on your Shakti Mat and in bed. Handwoven from 7.5 kg of pure organic cotton - nothing else.

Perfect with the weighted Eye Pillow for deeper sleep and savasana.

Handwoven in a Fairtrade factory from 30m of 100% organic cotton.
Free from artificial weights.

100 x 160 cm | 7.5 kg

Please note: This range will not be restocked and is therefore not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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We’re committed to handcrafting products that support your wellbeing for years to come. If you experience a fault in the craftsmanship or materials, we'll fix or replace it for free.

Breathable chunky knit - no overheating
Filler-free - layered cotton, nothing else
Use with The Shakti Mat - for deeper relief
Organic cotton & dyes - planet & skin friendly
Handmade - prioritising detail & quality
Crafted in India - the birthplace of acupressure

What you need to know

The Shakti Weighted Blanket uses pressure therapy to help you:

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night
Experience deeper and more restorative sleep
Feel calm and secure through mimicking the sensation of being hugged
Relax the nervous system and relieve stress
Release into your Shakti Mat more quickly and enhance the relaxation response

Both your home and your body can enjoy the beautiful and therapeutic benefits of The Weighted Blanket. Here’s how…

Place over you in bed to relax before or during sleep. 
Drape over your couch for an easy-to-use relaxation aid when you’re craving some rest.
Or our personal favourite - treat yourself to the sensation of spikey acupressure and weighted therapy by placing The Blanket over you while you Shakti.
When you’re not enjoying the mind & body benefits, The Shakti Weighted Blanket makes for a beautiful handmade addition to your bedroom or lounge.

The Shakti Weighted Blanket is weighted at 7.5 kilograms and is designed to cover your body like a blanket. Many Weighted Blanket companies recommend a weight that is 10% of your body weight, but this is a misunderstanding. What dictates the amount of pressure on your body is the density (the weight per area) as opposed to overall weight of the blanket.

A heavier blanket is simply a larger blanket with the same amount of density and will not feel any heavier when you are using it. Through layering organic cotton, The Shakti Blanket applies an even pressure and density across all parts of your body. If you’re looking for an extra heavy sensation - simply fold the blanket over while you use it.

The Shakti Weighted Blanket can be machine washed separately in a weight-compatible commercial front loader machine. Check the machine’s weight capacity is compatible with a 7.5 kg+ dry load prior to washing. Select the delicate cycle and use mild or eco-friendly detergent. Air dry flat or tumble-dry on low in a weight compatible dryer.

Avoid: all top-loading washing and drying machines, hanging The Blanket while it’s wet (as this may stretch the weave), ironing, as well as fabric softeners or bleach.

For more information, check out the product care section in our FAQ's.

If you’re still unsure, our customer service team would love to help you on your Shakti journey - contact us.

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