Shakti Acupressure Ring

The Shakti that fits in your pocket 

Meet your pocket-sized massage. The Shakti Acupressure Ring is a small tool with a big impact on busy, tired, or cold fingers. Roll the Ring up and down each finger 20 times to activate and restore. Don't be surprised if this becomes a Shakti-staple in your bag or on your desk!

Durable steel plated with pure silver
Crafted in India - the birthplace of acupressure
60-day free returns for peace of mind

What you need to know

Relieves tension
Assists healthy circulation
Stimulates busy fingers
Supports a restless mind

REACH tested and compliant (registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals).

Roll the Acupressure Ring up and down the length of each finger. Use it to massage your fingers once or twice a day for a few minutes or 20 times per finger. The rings expand to fit any size finger or thumb, ensuring just the right amount of pressure.

It doesn't take long to become a Shakti Ring convert! The pressure applied by the ring creates a warm feeling in your fingers that not only feels good but is incredibly calming. It's great in the colder months to support healthy circulation, or simply as a tool for busy fingers. Imagine a finger massage... It's surprising how much tension you hold in an often-neglected area of the body.

If you’re still unsure, our customer service team would love to help you on your Shakti journey - contact us.

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